Rebar Fixtures

The cold bend fixture consists of a base with two infinitely adjustable supports and a plunger (loading strut). Different size bending pins can be ordered to mount on the loading strut to change the radius of the bend. The fixture is designed to bend steel into a "U" shape bend. The finished bend can be near (but never more than) 180 degrees. 

Conforms to ASTM A615, A706, A966A and BS4449. The heavy duty base with adjustable span is designed to perform a nominal 90 / 180 degree bend test on # 3 through # 18 (M8-M50) reinforcement bar (rebar), when used with the appropriate bending pins.

Principle Of Operation

The loading strut is mounted in the compression space of a testing machine. The fixture base rests on the machine table and is aligned with the loading strut using a centering pin.

The supports are adjustable to any desired span using a scale that has an origin at the center of the base. Both English and Metric scales are located on the base. The supports clamp to the base by T-slots and use threaded rods to resist deflection during loading. The base is designed to be supported by the machine table or base and can only achieve full capacity when supported with an overhang of 64 mm (2.5 in) or less on each side.

Application Range

  • Type of Loading: compression cold bend 
  • Specimen Material: steel 
  • Specimen Types: round, rebar